Funeral Caskets of Texas

casketedFor many years, the industry practice was to wrap the cost of the funeral service into the sale price of caskets—with a mark-up of 300% to 700% or more. At a time of mourning, the last thing a person in grieving wants to do is spend a large some of money to bury their loved one. Funeral Caskets of Central Texas offers a less expensive choice without sacrificing quality. It is federal law that all funeral homes must accept our caskets, so you need not be swayed to spend more to purchase the same enclosure.

Our selection of enclosures includes high quality caskets and urns at a price that is manageable. We provided a variety of finishes such as white, silver, or mauve. The caskets are constructed using quality materials so you can say farewell to your loved ones a classy and elegant way.

Funeral Caskets of Central Texas is a reasonable source for a casket or urn when the time arises.