Funeral Caskets of Texas

The experience of losing a loved one is universal. When you make your arrangements, remember that your experience is a part of a long history of honoring beloved relatives and loved ones.

According to the Casket & Funeral Supply Association of America (CFSA), casket manufacturing developed as a distinct business in the late 19th century. However, most companies only operated in local and regional markets.

Funeral Caskets of Central Texas carries on with the tradition of providing a reasonably priced burial casket for your loved one who has passed on. During this troubling time, we understand that cost is the last thing you would want to consider. Our products offer quality and elegance whether you choose a casket or an urn.

You do not have to buy a casket from a funeral home. The law requires the funeral provider to accept one you provide from another source. Funeral Caskets of Central Texas will provide the enclosure you may need.